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HVAC is being considered more and more

What is HVAC? In a word, the purpose of household central air conditioning is to create a better indoor living environment for people. Many people don't understand the difference between household air conditioning and HVAC. In short, household split air conditioning can only cool and heat, but can't deal with air. One is to change the temperature, the other is to create the environment.

Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) has three functions: regulating temperature, ventilation and air conditioning. The three are interrelated. Everything is to provide the best indoor environment. The treatment process of HVAC air handling unit is divided into the following steps:

The first is to introduce fresh air, but it is not simply brainless and directly blown in. What's the difference between that and the fan? Generally, the fresh air shall be subject to cold and heat treatment to make the temperature match with the indoor temperature. Adjusting the temperature is similar to household air conditioning;

Then there is the filtration of fresh air. In fact, the filtration and introduction should be carried out at the same time. The filtration technology is gone. What kind of negative ion filtration, electronic dust removal filtration, HEPA filter screen filtration and so on... It is normal for places with high air quality requirements such as operating rooms or zoos to achieve 99% filtration effect;

Finally, there are additional functions such as humidification. Friends who have stayed in an ordinary air-conditioned room for a long time know that it will be very dry... However, there is no problem with HVAC for a long time, because the humidification function is attached, which can make the humidity of the room reach about 40%, and people will feel very comfortable in such an environment.


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